Thursday, 29 October 2015


These pictures are from the day we were in San Diego. We started the day of in Old Town in San Diego, which is this part of the city with a mexican/western-ish theme. It was really exciting to see and there were so many beautiful stuff in the market. Unfortunately I couldn't really buy anything because I was afraid it might brake during the flight. Maybe it was a good thing, so I wouldn't end up buying the whole market. 

The rest of the day we just drove around the city and found this amazing place with the most beautiful settings. Then we ended the day by watching the sunset down by the sea. San Diego is definitely a city worth visiting!


Monday, 26 October 2015


Hello guys!
So I'm back from California and it was an amazing trip! The best thing was definitely seeing my sister again. We stayed in Long Beach the first two nights, because my sister is staying there. It was a really long flight and we were so tired the day we came, so we ordered some in'n'out take away and ate at the hotel which was delicious.
The next couple of posts I make are gonna be from California, because we took quite a few pictures during the trip. I hope you guys want to see some pictures and hear about the trip!