Thursday, 2 July 2015


Shoes - Converse
Jeans - Dr Denim
Top - Primark
Flannel - Thrifted

Here are some outfit pictures from my second day at Tinderbox festival last Sunday. Friday I wore a dress and got quite cold later in the evening, therefore I chose pants for Sunday. It was quite hot though but later on I was glad I wore pants. Let me just say that my converse weren't that pretty when I got home. I wouldn't exactly recommend wearing converse on a festival if there is a chance of rain. Later in the evening I was grateful for my flannel because it was really cold outside. 

Sunday there were a lot of great artists as well. Some surprised me and a few disappointed a little. I was quite impressed by All Time Low. I used to love this band when I was younger, but kind of forgotten about them. They really rocked the show and it was so entertaining. Also Royal Blood was awesome but I expected that so they definitely did not disappoint. Later in the evening Ellie Goulding went on and of course she was amazing. She is a great singer and she seems like the sweetest person. Robbie Williams was the last artist on stage and I was literally jumping with excitement. I love Robbie and the show was great. I really had a great time during his show.
I hope you enjoyed reading about my festival weekend! Talk to you soon.